Bruce King Review


    Bruce King Review: Introductory Note 

    Bruce King has over three decades of expertise working with organizations ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations. He speaks to groups all around the world on sales and marketing. He assists his listeners in achieving tremendous success in all aspects of their careers and personal life.

    It had a highly successful and profitable career selling and managing sales teams for some of the most prominent firms in the UK. When appropriate, he combines unique growth tactics into much of his connection with the people he works with.

    Bruce has built numerous profitable and, in some cases, award-winning enterprises over the years, which he has since sold. He has worked with sales teams to achieve typically notable increases in sales and business owners to assist them in creating more successful and profitable businesses.

    Bruce King Review: Overview 

    The BBC commissioned Bruce to write his first book in 1994. The book 'Psycho-Selling - Double, Your Sales Income In 8 Weeks became an international best-seller. Bruce's career as an international conference speaker came into existence. He has since written numerous additional best-selling novels for FT Pearson, Headline, Soderpalm Publishing, and others. He has created various training DVDs and CDs and has given keynote lectures and Master Classes worldwide. In 2018, he introduced Sales Coaching Online, the ultimate online resource for salespeople to achieve an incredible rise in sales in a short period and with only a few minutes of study every day.

    Bruce King Review: Sales & Motivational Speaker

    Bruce King is a conference speaker that can present anything from an exciting, content-rich twenty-minute keynote to an exclusive one-day event. For example, his one-day conference at the Institute of Directors in London has been their best-selling conference for the past twenty-one years.

    Conferences are expensive to organize, and Bruce believes there is no use in arranging one for managing one. A conference should provide outcomes and provide a return on investment. Here are some things Bruce can do to help you make your meeting a huge success.

    The preliminary briefing: Explain the specific goals of your conference to Bruce, and he will build a presentation suited to your company's products or services to meet those goals. Furthermore, to get the audience enthusiastic and looking forward to the event, he may assist you in preparing some pre-event material relevant to his presentation and perhaps the entire event if necessary.

    Bruce's post-event presentation will always include essential learning points. Still, he does not want attendees to take notes during the event. As a result, he creates extensive handouts for your company's internal website and printed handouts.

    FEES:The standard charge for a Keynote Presentation in the Greater London region starts at ?5,000 and increases based on the venue, duration of the event, and any other extra support services necessary. 

    Bruce King Review: Sales & Motivation Training

    He will assist you in reaching your goals and teach your sales team to boost sales dramatically, whether you are creating a new sales team, growing an existing team, need to raise sales or have particular concerns with areas of your sales team's performance. In recent years, Bruce has been hire by many professional services firms whose personnel are inevitably involve in the generation of new business and have a responsibility to sell their services, in addition to working with sales teams and sales managers and with companies of all sizes ranging from smaller SMEs to multinational organizations.

    Tell me about your sales team's biggest problems, and he'll nearly address them for you. In-house sales training programs can be design to address specific sales and sales management issues. Before planning and implementing a sales training program, a complete review of the sales team's performance and a skills analysis can be performed if necessary. The process involves psychometric testing, interviews with sales workers, and sales management. It also includes field visits, a study of sales presentation materials, and the current sales process.

    Bruce King Review: Online Sales Coaching 

    'If you or your sales team are not consistently making their sales quota and ideally exceeding it, Sales Coaching Online is your solution. What used to work in sales doesn't work as well anymore. It's more challenging than ever to get through to decision-makers, differentiate your offering, and win deals.

    And this means salespeople need to be as skillful, efficient, and productive as possible. And all salespeople, like all other professionals, irrespective of their skill level, need regular sales coaching to perform at their very best and win more deals.

    Bruce King Review: FAQs

    For whom is the 'Unleash Your Power' program designed?

    They've worked with small and big business owners, top executives in national and multinational corporations, sports figures, and people. Their professionalism shines through at all stages of their careers and areas of competence. It has worked for them and will work for you as well. To be honest, I doubt anyone else can help you with anything you need help with during the three-month program if they can't.

    How can you collaborate?

    Their 'Unleash Your Power' coaching program lasts three months and consists of one two-part session every week. You'll also have access to him around the clock during the procedure. Yes, they will even wake you up in the middle of the night if necessary.

    Bruce King Review: Final Thought 

    They are based on the essential premise that you gain from the coaching process and what you put into it. This means that you must make a significant commitment to fully profit from it. When you do this, they know you have a near-100 percent chance of obtaining a significant return on your investment. The current pricing for the three-month sales training program is ?5,400 + VAT. This is non-negotiable and must be paid in advance. Your desire to meet this promise demonstrates your appreciation for its significance.

    Sessions are held online using Zoom or another internet platform of your choice. You will not be admitted to the program until there is room for you. As a result, there may be a delay, but you will only be required to pay a modest deposit to reserve your spot.

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