BigHaat Review

Appropriate and premium quality equipment and inputs are the keys to successful farming. Profitable and balanced agriculture business is not possible without accurate farming products. A farmer or gardener can find multiple brands and sources for these essential products. However, not every agricultural product brand do not offer good quality products and services to its customers. Therefore, choosing suitable sources is as important as selecting the correct product to enhance the farming results.

BigHaat is a Bangalore-based Indian brand that offers various products related to agriculture and gardening. It has a great team of experts who are well experienced in this field and contains excellent knowledge. It is India's one of the leading Agri Digital platforms offering agricultural products related from pre-harvest to post-harvest stage. The brand's products include seed, crop protection, crop nutrition, machinery, segments, etc. 

BigHaat: Online seed supplier

BigHaat, along with other essential agricultural products, also offers seeds of fruits and vegetable plants. These products are sourced from numerous seed suppliers from all over India. It connects seed buyers directly with local seed suppliers, making it easier for customers to get top-quality seeds. If you plan to grow some plants in your garden for organic and natural fruits and veggies, BigHaat is the best choice.

Pros & Cons of shopping with BigHaat


  • Most famous Indian agro brand
  • Huge variety of products 
  • Fast delivery service
  • Top-quality products
  • Safe payment process
  • Products at affordable prices
  • Machinery built using modern technique
  • Best product for agriculture purpose


  • The brand follows no return policy
  • Your ordered product's delivery time may vary depending on a customer's location. 

BigHaat Products Review

BigHaat has a huge variety of products available for its customers who are related to agriculture or gardening. Whether you are a professional farmer or farming or gardening is just a hobby, BigHaat has products to fulfill your needs. However, which one should you select for your garden or farm? Do not worry; to provide you with the correct answer, below, we have reviewed some of the brand's top products. 

Red Lady Papaya Saplings: Highly nutritious fruit plant

These Lady Papaya Saplnigs are simple to grow and the best source of highly nutritious fruits. Apart from that, these plants are easy to transport with minor damage and are delivered to you when it has 3-4 leaves. Once you plant these papaya saplings and take appropriate care of them, you can enjoy their delicious fruits for years. In your yard, this plant will grow greenish-yellow rind with orange to deep red soft and tasty 1-4 kg papaya. Though, you need to feed this plant with balanced nutrition for its better growth and long life.


The price of this plant is 17,500.

Highly nutritious fruit plant

Neptune portable Power Pressure Sprayer: Sprayer with 2 Stroke Engine

Neptune portable Power Pressure Sprayer is one of the essential products for every farmer and gardener. This portable power pressure sprayer comes with a two-stroke engine that makes it more efficient and effective. It uses a few amounts of fuel and provides incredible results. This product comes with a manageable recoil starter and is helpful for spraying pesticides for fruit trees, cotton, and other crops. It has excellent functionality, proper performance, and durable agricultural equipment, which requires significantly less maintenance.  


You can buy this product for 10,499 only.

Sprayer with 2 Stroke Engine

Dr. Soil New Arecaca Special Plant Food: Organic Plant Food

Dr. Soil is an entire liquid and organic plant food for the better growth and long life of a plant. This product is produced by the deep and thorough research work done by a great team of experts and researchers. It is very beneficial for the availability of soil carbon, soil organic matter, NPK, and micronutrients to plants. It provides essential energy for microorganisms to plants and performs various beneficial functions in the soil such as nitrogen fixation & mineralization, etc. 


The price of this product is ? 2,540 only.

Organic Plant Food


Is BigHaat Legit?

Yes, BigHaat is a legitimate brand. The brand has been in the business for various years and has gained massive popularity among national and international customers. Its organic and top-quality products are available for a variety of plants and crops. Along with that, it also offers essential knowledge regarding plantation and farming on its official website. 

Is BigHaat a good brand?

Yes, BigHaat is a good brand. The brand has a massive collection of numerous categories of agricultural products. You can buy all the necessary products required to take care of your plants and their long life. Aside from the variety of products, you can also rely on these brands for their long-lasting effects and durability of the products. 

Is BigHaat worth it?

Yes, BigHaat is a worthwhile brand. The brand is widely popular for its one of the best customer service. It ensures to provide its customers with 100% satisfaction and fulfills their expectations. You can shop with this brand for all of your agricultural needs without worrying about anything. 

Does BigHaat provide international shipping?

Yes, BigHaat Review provides international shipping. The brand is available for all national as well as worldwide customers. It ensures to deliver its products well packed and in good condition without any defect. Ordering the products of this brand is very easy and requires only a few clicks to get your order delivered to your doorsteps.

BigHaat Review: Final Thought

BigHaat has improved numerous farmer's businesses by providing a wide range of best quality seeds, inputs, tools, machinery, and detailed guidance. A farmer can get solutions to all agriculture-related problems with unique methods and reliable sources. It is the best source for sustainable and innovative products at reasonable and pocket-friendly prices. 

Moreover, Along with products, BigHaat is also a great platform that offers knowledge-based videos on its official website. You can also take the help of the free blogs, which carry step-by-step instructions and information to help customers. The brand regularly updates these services and adds more helpful and of these content on a timely basis. With the help of these products, even a newcomer can understand the essential farming technique and build up a successful business. So do not hesitate to order these products, which are available at zero risk factors for all.

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