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    • While Barra Enthusiasts makes every effort to guarantee that your order arrives in perfect condition, things can go wrong. If you find a flaw in the item(s) you received, please take pictures of the defect and notify them soon.

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    Barra Enthusiasts is a one-stop online store for Barra modifications, accessories, service parts, and merchandise. Barra Enthusiasts strives to combine all Barra parts into a single area to make things easy for enthusiasts like you. They provide a Ford Falcon B-Series Shadowline front splitter for lowered Falcons to style and protect the bumper. It fits the XR mk1 and mk2 front bumpers. Besides, they also provide Merchandise from XS to 3XL sizes that feature advanced printing technology, comfort & style, durability, and neat finish. If you are looking for a store that has all products available, then Barra Enthusiasts is the perfect place for you. Buy from Barra Enthusiasts and get your servicing parts at a minimal price.

    What makes Barra Enthusiasts the best? 

    • Barra Enthusiasts introduces you to a sharper throttle curve that reduces throttle lag and actuates the throttle quickly.
    • Their IDrive is compatible with most cars manufactured after 2000 and can work with both automatic and manual gearboxes. It simply fits into your factory pedal plug and installs in 5 minutes.
    • They provide a diffuser in black satin finish with a smooth texture to install without respray. It includes fitting screws to make it simple to install. You can go for the priming option to paint it yourself.
    • Barra Enthusiasts also provides Mr Bodykits plastic FG diffuser with superior quality that saves time & money on surface prep and fits perfectly.
    • Furthermore, their Ryco Air Filters deliver performance by combining efficiency, life, and flow. Regular replacement enhances the vehicle's performance. 

    Review on the Best Barra Enthusiasts Products

    • Service Parts- Barra Enthusiasts provides Service Parts, including Spark Plug NGK FR6EI-11, A1553 - Ryco Air Filter, RCA100M Ryco N99 Microshield Cabin Air Filter, etc.
    • Engine Parts- Barra Enthusiasts provides Engine Parts including PWR - Ford Falcon BA-BF (11/04) Onwards Intercooler PWI5405, Pulsar - GTX3584RS GEN2 Turbocharger, etc.
    • Body Parts- Barra Enthusiasts provides Body Parts, including Mr Plastic Rear Bumper Diffuser Suit Ford Falcon FG Bumper, Ford Falcon B-Series Shadowline front splitter, etc.
    • Performance Parts- Barra Enthusiasts provides Performance Parts including Silvers - NeoMax S Ford Falcon BA / BF 2002 - 2008, IDrive Throttle Controller For Ford Falcon (FG) 2008-2014, etc.
    • Merchandise- Barra Enthusiasts provides Merchandise including Barra Enthusiasts Decal Stickers, Barra Enthusiasts Women's T-Shirt, Barra Enthusiasts Hoodie, etc.

    Barra Enthusiasts Pricing

    • Service Parts- Barra Enthusiasts pricing for Service Parts starts at $12.99 to $78.99.
    • Engine Parts- Barra Enthusiasts offers to price for Engine Parts start at $208.95 to $2,749.
    • Body Parts- Barra Enthusiasts provides reasonable pricing to Body Parts starting at $38.18 to $455.00.
    • Performance Parts- Barra Enthusiasts pricing for Performance Parts begins at $349.00 to $5,755.00.
    • Merchandise-  Barra Enthusiasts pricing for Merchandise starts at $9.95 to $60.88.


    Is Barra Enthusiasts Legit? 

    Yes, Barra Enthusiasts is a legitimate brand. At Barra Enthusiasts, you will get reliable and guaranteed products at affordable prices. You can conclude Barra Enthusiasts is a reliable source for providing all types of vehicle parts and products.

    Is Barra Enthusiasts Worth It? 

    Yes, without any doubt, Barra Enthusiasts is worth it. Barra Enthusiasts provides you service parts, engine parts, merchandise, and many more products at very low rates. Besides, they offer a door-to-door delivery service to give you the best shopping experience.

    Do Barra Enthusiasts Provide International Shipping? 

    Yes, Barra Enthusiasts offers its products worldwide. They will notify your delivery confirmation along with the tracking number by email.

    Final Thought About Barra Enthusiasts 

    The iDRIVE Throttle Controller allows you to fine-tune the responsiveness of your vehicle's engine by adding new points of reference to your vehicle's throttle mapping. This sharpens or dampens your vehicle's throttle response. A steeper throttle curve has many advantages, including decreased throttle lag, improved acceleration, and an overall better driving experience. Join the Barra Enthusiasts Community.

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