Barner Brand Discount Code, Review & Coupon Code 2021

These days, everyone’s lives revolve around digital screens, be it laptops, tablets, or smartphones. And do you know who gets the bear the brunt of it the most? Our eyes! Barner Brand offers the perfect solution to this. Barner brings to you high-quality computer glasses that give your eyes that much-needed protection from the LED screen lights of digital devices. These innovative glasses are available at great discounts with the Barner Brand Coupon Code.

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Believe it or not, we spend an average of nine hours every day in front of digital screens. This exposes our eyes to the blue light that all these devices emit. Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to this blue light can lead to many eye and vision-related issues. Barner Brand brings a solution to this, without having to compromise our lifestyles! 

What is Barner Brand?

Barner Brand is a company that creates high-quality and stylish eyewear that protects your eyes from the harmful Blue Light emitted from digital devices. Based out of Barcelona, Barner Brand was founded in 2017 by two friends. The idea to create these glasses stemmed from their observation of a problem that was being faced by millions around the globe – prolonged exposure to Blue Light. Although there were solutions already available in the market, they realised none were good enough. That is how Barner Brand came into being.

Why you need Barner Brand?

Healthy Benefits – Wearing a pair of Barner glasses helps you sleep better, reduces strain to the eyes, reduces headaches and migraines, and improves overall mental and physical wellbeing. 

Special coating – The lenses have a special coating for the majority of us who spend a lot of time indoors, with our laptops, tablets, smartphones, and LED TVs. These high quality CR39 lenses block 40% Blue Light on the 430-450nm spectrum and 100% at 410nm.

Stylish Design and lightweight – The glasses’ lenses with ultra-thin layers are lightweight, anti-static, anti-scratch, hydrophobic, and easy to clean! Also, they are super sleek, and stylish and look great. 

Barner Brand Product and Pricing

There are 6 main types of collections for both men and women, named after trendy districts and neighbourhoods. 

Le Marais (Sleek round-shaped glasses inspired by one the oldest districts of Paris. Price: €59), Dalston (Rectangular frames with a geeky look, named after the cool north London District. Chamberi (Modern, discreet, and elegant looking glasses, inspired by a charming Spanish city. Price: €59)

Williamsburg (Rounded frames with a professional yet relaxed look, named after an NYC neighborhood. Price: €115), Shoreditch (stylish frames, just like the stylish London district. Price: €115), Kreuzberg (perfect mix of styles and seriousness just like the interesting Berlin neighborhood.

Solar Clip-ons that are attached to your Barner glasses will cost you €25.


With the current lifestyles we lead, it is almost impossible to avoid digital screens. This is why Barner Brand is the best solution to protect our eyes without compromising on our way of life. Having sold over 15,000 glasses across 81 countries, Barner Brand glasses trusted worldwide! They also offer attractive Barner Brand Coupons & promo codes to save on their deals.

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What is the return policy?

There is a simple 30-day return policy. Make sure that all the items are unused.

Do Barner Lenses work at night?

Yes, they do! Blocking Blue Light from devices at night also helps in sleeping better and deeper.

How to use the Barner Brand Discount Code?

  • Copy the Barner Brand Discount Code and visit the official site.
  • Add your code on the checkout page.
  • Hit the Barner Brand Coupon Code tab and get massive discounts

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