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    • Tried hard but couldna't figure it out.

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    the bakerly products came in a timely manner all are fresh and very delicious love ur products

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    Wea're firm believers that mealtime and snack time should be an enjoyable time.

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    The Bakerly French pancakes-to-go make a great snack with afternoon tea or a quick breakfast

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    Julien and Fabian, two \Bretons\ from Northwestern France, decided to combine their efforts, talents, and energy into one mission: to bring their true love of crepes, French brioche, and traditional French pastries into American households!

    Julien's family business (Norac Foods) has decades of experience producing delectable wholesome bakery products in France. He's been waiting for the right time to move to the United States (and bring his French goodies with him!) because he's half American.

    Fabian's restaurant was well-known for serving the best crêpes in Brittany (and possibly France!). After living in the United States for over a decade, he is eager to share his passion and knowledge of crepe making and bakery items with people on the other side of the globe.

    Their shared goal has always been simple: \to stay true to making quality bakery products identical to those they enjoyed as children in France and offer them to American families.\

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    What makes Bakerly the best?

    Bakerly offers delicious crêpes have become a favorite snack. As the #1 bakery snack, the yummy crêpes are individually wrapped and filled with tasty fillings. This one is filled with smooth and creamy chocolate hazelnut spread for chocolate lovers or sweet cravings. 

    Behind every €œcrêpes€ stands a passionate team who uses their €œsavoir-faire€ (French for expertise) and passion to transform authentic ingredients into savory snacks that will make you go €œyum!€ each time. Their delightful €œcrêpes€ can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

    Review on the Best Bakerly Product

    the brioche burger bunsThe bakerly brioche burger buns are subtly sweet and golden brown. A fantastic marriage of brioche and burger bun. Simply combine the salty and sweet flavors to bring out the taste of the juicy patty you're about to eat. 

    Where can you find the best brioche buns? These buns will doubtlessly become a household favorite! Look no further because the authentic brioche hamburger buns elevate your burger recipe: There's a bacon cheeseburger, a slider, a beef burger, a portobello mushroom burger, and more...


    the brioche burger buns: $4.99/ pack four buns.


    Is Bakerly Legit? 

    YES! Without any hesitations! Bakerly is a legitimate brand. 

    February is the month of love; that's why bakerly decided to support the French-American bilingual school in Berkeley, by bringing love and deliciousness to the Gourmet week. Gourmet Week is a celebration that gathers voluntary financial contributions for La'Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley students and their families. 

    All the kids enjoyed their authentic French recipe during the event by trying their delicious crêpes to-go! An excellent opportunity to enjoy yummy snacks and have a good time!

    Is Bakerly Worth It?

    Yes, in a nutshell! Bakerly is a fantastic investment. 

    It's easy to make tasty products with low quality or €œbad€ ingredients. Sadly, many other companies do it all the time. But at bakerly, their idea of a good product is high in quality and with the best ingredients available. 

    They at bakerly know they have just one chance to get it right. So they concentrate all their efforts into putting love and using quality ingredients in every product they make. By doing this, Bakerly builds trust and gains loyal customers, one crepe or brioche at a time!

    Is  Bakerly A Good Brand?

    Definitely! YES. 

    A straightforward recipe for Julien and Fabian is the path to success: high-quality products made with love and an incredible collaborative team equals a successful company. 

    It's as simple as that! Bakerly made it their mission to bring their Team Members the best working conditions and environment to enhance their creativity and efficiency daily.

    Final Thought About Bakerly    

    Everything Bakerly makes has real €œSavoir Faire€ or French for expertise. When you get the right people in the room who know their stuff, magic happens!

    Since the very beginning of bakerly, Julien and Fabian have always known that they would never use any preservatives, artificial flavoring, or high fructose corn syrup in their products.

    This is because they didna't want to make or sell products that they wouldna't give to their children.

    This is the thinking behind the €œNo-No List,€ created to define the list of ingredients that wea'd never (ever!) use in any recipe. And this list has more than 140 forbidden ingredients! Yes, 140! They know, it's a lot!

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