Augason Farms Review

    About Augason Farms

    Millions of people in the United States have no disaster preparedness strategy or food stockpile. This is where the need of Augason Farms steps in. Our long-term objective is to assist Americans in preparing for any emergency or catastrophe situation by providing high-quality, cheap, and simple-to-store, cook, and eat meals. Read our Augason Farms Review to get instant feedback about our products and place your order accordingly.

    What is Augason Farms? 

    We have the unique flexibility to adapt changing market or customer needs since we control the whole supply chain from sourcing to production. Over the last four decades, we've created and perfected our patented manufacturing process to build a facility that's second to none. Augason Farms' dedication to quality and flavor has led us to develop and manage the most cutting-edge emergency food production plant in the industry. For up to 25 years, our carefully developed product bags keep our items safe, delicious, and healthful to consume. This dedication has won us FDA, QSA, and GMP certifications. You know you're getting a good deal when you pick Augason Farms. Simply browse through our Augason Farms Review to get more insight on our products, which will help you to instantly grab the best possible deal.

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    Why do you need Augason Farms? 

    • Not only are we survival food pioneers, but we also source, develop, and manufacture the best nutritional emergency foods on the market. 
    • We make sure that our foods not only taste good, but also supply you with the calories and proteins that your body requires to function at its best.
    • Several Augason Farm meal packages go over and beyond the USD's daily calorie requirement of 2,000+ calories. 
    • Our consumers have noticed the Augason difference and have given us an average of 4.5 stars on Google Seller Reviews.
    • Walmart, Associated Foods, WinCo, Sam's Club, and Costco are just a handful of our retail clients.

    Augason Farms Pricing & Specification

    Yes! Augason Farms uses the Bread® and PayPal Credit® lending businesses to offer financing for orders of any quantity.


    Augason Farms is a family-owned and operated survival food company founded in 1972. Gradually, we came up with a concise purpose statement: Produce nutritious, long-lasting, high-quality emergency foods that are desired by people. Augason Farms has evolved from that modest goal to become one of the world's most renowned and diversified emergency food enterprises.


    Do Augason Farms Ship Product Internationally?

    We do our best to stay up with our customer expectations and the level of delivery standards you have come to anticipate in an \AMAZON\ next day shipping environment. Orders above $200.00 will incur the following shipping charges: FREE. Orders under $200.00 are $9.99.

    Do Augason Farms Offer Money Back guarantee?

    All orders placed via are final to efficiently manage inventory and product availability. You may be entitled for a refund or exchange if the product is damaged or faulty. Please file a ticket using our Online Ticket System within 7 DAYS of receiving your merchandise and contact us.

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