Anmol Baby Carriers Review

    Anmol Baby Carriers Review - Quick Summary

    What You Like the Best 

    • Anmol Baby Carriers offers top-quality comfortable and highly gorgeous baby carriers at budget-friendly prices.
    • They offer the most versatile and long-lasting Soft Structured Baby Carriers (SSCs).
    • Their Baby Carriers provides a comfortable, ergonomic method of supporting the precious bond between the caregiver and the child.

    What You Dislike  

    • Improper positioning in a baby carrier can result in compromising the airway. However, baby carriers allow you to carry the baby in different positions, depend on your age and preferences.

    Let us read the complete Anmol Baby Carriers review to know more about the product in detail.

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    Anmol Baby Carriers Reviews In Detail

    Anmol Baby offers comfortable, luxurious baby carriers handwoven by local artisans, thus preserving the dying art of handweaving. They work for making babywearing a part of every baby's development and making parenting fun and convenient. A global outreach with their wraps, ring slings, and baby carriers traveling and loved across the globe. They sell their products and actively promote the concept of babywearing and the benefits associated with it.

    What makes Anmol Baby Carriers the best?

    • The Anmol Flexy is an easy-to-use ergonomic, adjustable Soft Structured Buckled Carrier customized for a perfect fit.
    • With Anmol Baby Carriers, you experience a comfortable, breathable baby carrier and have your hands free.
    • Smoothly transition from your day-old baby to your active toddler by adjusting the seat with one smooth slide.
    • The Anmol Baby Carriers is a versatile carrier that allows ergonomic front-facing-in position, front-facing out, and back carry.
    • You can prefer to wear your straps parallel or cross back to get the most comfortable fit for you.
    • Their carrier allows adjust buckles for both rights and left-handed users.
    • Their Baby Carriers comes with 100% cotton fabric, with handwoven wrap used on thigh padding.

    Review on the Best Anmol Baby Carriers Products

    • Anmol Easy Burgundy - 
    Special Features

    Extremely sturdy and durable.

    World's best quality Duraflex buckles used.

    Waistbelt also includes an elastic belt loop for added security.

    • Anmol Easy Black - The cotton fabric ensures sturdiness and durability, enabling this carrier to withstand more weight and endure more pressure. Lightweight and compact, it's a steal deal.
    • Timtimaa Jaquard Red Pleated Red Rings Sling
    Special Features 

    Ideal for skin-to-skin carries with newborns.

    Pleated Shoulders.

    One size fits all.

    Quick and easy to use.

    Tapered tails to reduce bulk when worn.

    Recommended carries - front facing-in, hip, and back.

    Anmol Baby Carriers Pricing

    • Anmol Easy Burgundy - The Easy Burgundy Soft Structured Carrier is complete in its way to showcase elegance, subtleness, and trend. Available for Rs. 3,500.00.
    • Anmol Easy Black - Black Soft Structured Carrier is an epitome of attributes that define black's color €“ strong, powerful, and elegant. Available for Rs. 3,500.00.
    • Timtimaa Jaquard Red Pleated Red Rings Sling - This ring sling is made with 100% Mercerised Cotton and is exceptionally lightweight yet grippy. Available for Rs. 3,750.00.


    Is Anmol Baby Carriers Legit?

    Anmol Baby Carriers are Indi's First Certified and Tested Ergonomic Baby Carrier brand. They are a proud business member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA). Their carriers use fabrics that are handwoven cotton and are dyed using baby-safe dyes.

    Is Anmol Baby Carriers Worth It?

    They work with local weavers to make fabrics that are custom-woven to an optimum thickness, suit the purpose of babywearing. The art of handweaving is an indigenous knowledge of our country, with it appreciated globally. The fabrics come with their natural nubs and slubs that are a part of the beauty of the handwoven cloth.

    Do Anmol Baby Carriers provide International Shipping?

    Anmol Baby Carriers offers the fastest shipping anywhere around the world. We ship out your order the business day after you place it. Once we verify billing and shipping information, we will get your order packaged and ready to ship out.

    Final Thought About Anmol Baby Carriers 

    The beauty of a handmade product is that it carries the soul of the artisan. At Anmol, we collaborate with handloom co-operatives that offer employment to weavers across India. They adopt every region's distinctive weaves and customize designs for their handwoven babywearing wraps. The production of handwoven fabric provides local artisans with sustained work and better livelihoods. It is nurturing these narratives of heirloom arts that take years to master, sometimes even generations.

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