Air Proxy Review

    If you're looking for a mobile proxy that allows scraping bots, Airproxy is an alternative. Airproxy specializes in mobile proxies for scraping data and automating Instagram bots. Despite its focus on social networking sites, Airproxy does not enable web scraping, although it does allow scraping bots. It automatically switches to Fresh IPs for these sites that require rotating IPs through its API or panel. Airproxy offers username and password authentication to ensure the security of your account. 

    Airproxy is a mobile proxy explicitly design for Instagram bots, Facebook advertisements, and data scraping. It supports these sites by rotating IPs and switching to Fresh IPs through API or dashboard. Airproxy offers login and password authentication if you wish to safeguard your account. 

    AirProxy Review: Features

    If you own AirProxy, you will never have to worry about data limits.

    Tax Invoice: The most remarkable aspect of AirProxy for company owners is that it can be claimed as an expense.

    Immediate Delivery: Because the proxies are already deployed on their infrastructure, no setup time is necessary.

    Clean IPs: Their IP has a 0% spam and fraud score, making it a safe choice.

    Proxies for mobile devices: AirProxy exclusively sells one item: a mobile proxy server. This is not discernible. AirProxy mobile proxies may cycle IP addresses manually or automatically. Some genuine individuals join using their mobile IP address. It also has a good IP trust rating.

    AirProxy Review:


    • Change IP address automatically
    • A high IP trust rating
    • Specifically for Instagram, they provide immediate delivery.
    • Simple-to-use panel
    • Unlimited data may be rotated through API or automatically.
    • Legitimate users connect using mobile IP addresses.
    • Proxies who are quick
    • It is not frequently obstruct.
    • Their proxies are safe and trustworthy.
    • Each subscriber receives a dedicated SIM card and modem for free.
    • They offer refunds.


    • Only one prepackaged plan of €87 is available.
    • Only Italian proxies are cheap
    • The government may have access to your information (in the case of fraud or crime)
    • Customer support response times might vary.

    AirProxy Review: Specifications

    Airproxy IP Types: Airproxy offers a 4GLTE network in mobile proxies. It provides private dedicated proxies for Instagram, Facebook Ads, scraping, and other services. Furthermore, the Airproxy network is derived from Airproxy's servers, which are obtain by SIM or modem transmission. Airproxy controls its network and does not allow sharing with other firms, which would otherwise slow down the connection rate.

    Airproxy's IPs cycle moves at an interval or per website connection. Setting the IP rotatory interval using an API system or from your dashboard takes only a few seconds. Airproxy IPs are also clean or new. As a result, you should not be concerned about utilizing marked IP addresses. 

    AirProxy Review: Pricing

    Airproxy has one of the most straightforward pricing structures available. You need to deal with one pricing bundle, and you'll be OK. However, before you commit to their price plan, Airproxy offers a three-day trial period.

    In these three-day test periods, they charge about 9.90 Euros, almost twelve dollars. After three days, you can decline the package or purchase it for €87 in 30 days. Another feature of Airproxy's cost is that it is calculated based on the number of Instagram accounts you wish to protect. For example, if you request ten accounts with €9, you will receive around €87. You can contact Airproxy's support staff if you want a plan that is not listed on the websites.

    AirProxy Review: Authentication 

    A mobile proxy, a username, or password authentication is appropriate for account security. Nonetheless, the technology on these sites allows you to change your password or login. This login information is configured using Airproxy's dashboard or API platforms.

    You may access websites from any location by using password/username authentication. If you use IP authentication, you can't operate everywhere since authorized IPs change as you move.

    AirProxy Review: Protocols

    If data security is a concern when using Airproxy, don't fret because it supports HTTP(S) and Socks protocols. Because it masks the user's online queries, it encrypts data for HTTPS connections.

    Furthermore, because HTTPS is a widely establish website protocol, no website may accuse an HTTPS site of being untrustworthy. A secure platform layer is also include in the SOCKS protocol.

    Another advantage of the SOCKS protocol is that it is lightweight and does not support setup. In addition, SOCKS supports login and password authentication. Because they are lightweight, they can be put up quickly and easily. 

    AirProxy Review: FAQs 

    Where is AirProxy?

    Their offices are in Italy.

    Is a trial taking place?

    AirProxy provides a free trial for $9.90. This test will last 72 hours. You will not be charge unless and until you explicitly want to continue using their services.

    Is AirProxy offering a refund?

    If you are dissatisfy with AirProxy's services, you can request a refund. You will get a refund within 48 hours.

    AirProxy Review: Final Thought 

    Based on the evaluation above, we'd like to hear your thoughts on AirProxy and its mobile proxies. Despite their high price, I believe they are well worth the investment, particularly for social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These websites have sophisticated and stringent anti-spam algorithms that immediately detect proxy activity. They will safeguard your accounts if you do not employ more than the appropriate number of proxy servers. 

    When employing an API system, they can state that Airproxy's services are simple, responsive, and manageable. Because it allows Instagram bots, Airproxy is one of the finest Instagram proxy services. The sole disadvantage of Airproxy is that it only covers Italy. As a result, they want their services to extend to various nations in Europe and the United States.

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