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    There comes a time when a person has to leave the everyday work life and responsibility behind to live the hidden desire of human to be free since we can't leave everything behind and live in the mountain for the simple life. We will go through the top 10 Types of Trip that you can always follow.

    We have to settle for trips that beautiful planned time to celebrate our independence. This article is for the fortunate lot to make the best out of that time, and since the resources we receive are limited, we got to make the best out of what we got.

    Given below is your guide to make up your mind on a spectacular trip for the ultimate fun experience.

    Best Road Trip Planner- Plan a Road Trip With Multiple Stops

    Nothing beats a good old road trip plan. Calling all your road-friendly friends, getting in that cube on wheels waiting for it to be filled with the on-road stories to experience and feel. Who doesn't want to live their dreams of a road trip, to live the road trip movies we so adore. One of the many things those movies got right was the feeling of experiencing the journey than reaching the destination.

    The few musts we need on a trip are : Dog company , water ,fuel money , planned stops ( unless you want to go nomad and pave your journey which is admirable but risky ) , a traveling inspiring right playlist ( got to have 'life is a highway') with all of that and more , I hope to see you on the road soon raising hell.

    If you are traveling with your dog, Treat A dog can make your travel easier. Also, Read Treat A Dog review to grab the best discount for your dog products and accessories.

    Once in a lifetime experience
    Great way to bond with close ones
    Even if it goes wrong, you have a great story

    Stuck in a car with sweaty people and bad BO
    Dehydration possibility
    Lack of plan and right people will cause boredom

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    Cruise Trip - Exclusive Cruise Lines & Cruise Deals

    Who doesn't dream of sitting on a ship, free from all the land problems that are waiting for us when we finish this epic cruise with a martini in our hands. The variety and the destination differ from a trip to trip, but one crucial thing to remember for our conscientious friends is that not every journey is going to end up like the Titanic.

    The most iconic cruises, such as the Caribbean cruise, a cruise around Europe.etc, mostly an on ocean experience, going to distant lands, meeting other peers, escaping from the shackles of everyday life . that being said it takes a certain amount of stomach or prescribed seasick medicine to survive such an ordeal but its worth every chunk of yak .

    Surreal views and hospitality
    A trip with more experience and less work


    Seasickness is no joke
    Puts a dent on the budget

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    A youth's moment to shine from picking up your date mostly in a limo (fingers crossed ) to dancing away the night with up and coming hit singles and of course that moment where you hold your dear one in your hands slowly sway them on the floor hoping to stare in their eyes, to see the stars within .

    Prom Night Trip - Best Place To Travel After Prom

    Since some or most of us have transcended from that stage, that shouldn't stop us from feeling that magic. For the unfortunate lot that couldn't experience it, shall bring together like-minded people and putting together the best prom they can. As you know it not about the educational qualification that's required to cherish such a moment, it's about creating the moment to remember it for this life and next

    Create the memory of a lifetime
    For the women, way to be treated like the queen/princes that you are

    A lot of room for awkwardness

    Camping Trip - How To Plan A Camping Trip

    Do you remember the time when we got up every morning to see the morning cartoons, and we'd see camping trip episodes, hoping that one day we can escape from society into the wilderness, our mother nature? A camping trip is a great way to bond with our parents, friends and of course, our unique guest nature.

    You need the quality backpack to help you store all your items. Make sure you read my Peak Design review which is one of the top backpacks that offer the best comfort and can be the right companion for you.

    With such fun activities such as telling stories over a bonfire, morning fishing, having a picnic, looking out into the stars. Etc truly a beautiful experience. No wonder some people chose to leave society for good and open a small shack in the woods, could you blame them with the everyday hustle and bustle of the city life. Its right to unwind and be one with nature also mosquito repellent is pure gold in such a setting.

    That pure whiff of fresh air

    One word: mosquitoes
    A lot of assembling required

    Trip City Planner - What are the Best Cities To Visit?

    For most people who grew up in the town, wouldn't be their cup of tea considering they spent most of their life in it, but for the people who grew up far away from the lights, glamour, different diversity of people from all walks of life this place would be a shinning experience.

    Taste of Travel Wellness Retreats offers Upcoming All-Inclusive Wellness Vacations to different cities. If you are looking for a budget-friendly stay, Taste of travel is always recommended.

    Each city brings its little charisma to the table to an extent where all you want to do is pack your bags and get on the midnight bus making your way to the closest city to experience the life for your own. For all you know, you could set up a presence in your dream city.

    Few of the most important cities to visit are New York, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Shanghai, Tokyo, the list goes on and on . on the plus side if you get tired of your city, there are more cities to visit.

    An endless variety of things to experience
    Possibility of starting a new life

    got to watch your step as any number things could harm your security
    for people from rural areas chances of getting cheated, mugged, coned is high.

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    Beach trip - The US Best Affordable Vacation

    The perfect place to unwind with a chilled beer and bodacious hotties or if that isn't it then you can always be one with the waves or even just lay back and catch some sun, any amount of activities you can conjure with our collective intellect.

    Most people like me want to leave confines of our room and settle in a tropical beach, drinking away our youth one mojito at a time. So start packing those flip flops, and banana hammock, race to the closest beach to live the day under the sun .

    To all our couples, a night walk on the beach under the stars is till date a very romantic fantasy, so it's your job, get it done and unwind. don't forget the sunscreen.

    An incredible tropical paradise to experience
    Great get away with our loved ones

    Sand is everywhere even in your clothes and shoes
    Crowded beaches could be tiresome

    Solo Trip- Tips For A Solo Traveller

    Has the world around you become too overcrowded, suffocating almost than its time to pack your bags and set on an adventure, your lone wolf. There comes a time in every person's life where you have to choose a destination and trail your path. Many use a solo trip for the writing project.

    If you are also into writing, Z Publishing House is the best way to promote your skills and talent.

    A time to get away from everyday life and people, to find one's self or enjoy the company of yourselves. That being said its better to be prepared and be safe with healthy amounts of planning. Has there been a trip that you'd promised to come to or backpack around Europe, well I'm telling you it's the best time than any other to set to road or skies or ocean?

    Not only do you get to discover the road ahead of you but also yourself
    Who is a better company than yourself

    Safety issues
    Very selective planning

    Couple Trip - Romantic Weekends Are Necessary

    A trip around exotic Europe, sky diving, climbing mountains and a walk on the beach is a few of the mesmerizing things to do.

    There comes a time when a man and women love each other or like them enough that you'd need a little time off to spend with your loved one to discover or rediscover each other.

    Trailing a path with another in your hand is one the best way to travel . precious time with one another in a world of priorities keeping them apart time like this will show your other half that you care about them. You can also look

    Time for a second honeymoon (PS: Bring Condoms! )
    Time to focus on them and the road ahead, the natural life

    could cause more fights
    time to self is nonexistent

    Staycation - There is a No Place Like Home

    A home away from home. Our xenophobic friends would appeal to this as where better to travel than on our back yard. We can't explore the world if we haven't visited our land . With a staycation you get all the fun of a vacation, and with the comfort of our home, there's nothing more to ask for.

    Actually, a fishing “staycation” is an Ultimate Guide For A Blissful Staycation. MuddyBros & Penn are the best stores to buy a fishing rod and is the best way to find fishing

    For the grounded few where else to enjoy a vacation than our own house. When the going gets a little, its better hollow back into our comfortable cave for a while to revitalize our soul with the soul as you know the vibe of our is a soul on its own.

    Very comfortable alternative
    Requires a minimum amount of finance and energy

    May prove to be tiresome
    No real change

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    Business Trip: Tips To Survive Business Trip

    For a few lucky people are traveling and working combines to form a memorable business trip. A trip anywhere or business specific to be a representative of your respective company abroad or even a different branch could prove to be exciting in its rights.

    Considering that the whole trip doesn't have to be about business certainly the business comes first , but after work is a different story as you can be free to do what you want with on the plus point most or at least some of your finance is covered by the company but don't forget to keep the receipts.

    Expenses paid for (mostly )
    Can get the family along

    More business than fun
    An unfortunate ordeal or meeting could ruin the whole trip.

    Group tour - Why Choose a Group Travel?

    Like my fellow middle or lower class household, it is difficult to get the finances required to enjoy the complete traveling experience. In such conditions, group tours come in handy as it could relieve some of the stress on your budget and will give you the complete trip package with planned stops.

    If you have a hell lot of baggage, go with Luggage Forward which will ship your items securely from one place to another and will save extra charges for airport baggage.

    A group tour could be with your whole family or even just strangers who want the same privilege as you with affordable pricing. Most of your paperwork and planning is carried on by the traveling companies that offer such a package taking away all the grunt work required. Word to the wise that is careful in selecting your package as some may not seem as what they show on the brochure.

    Less work required

    Less freedom
    Maybe overcrowded

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    To sum it up: Travel Smart

    You get one life on this earth, and it's better to spend it exploring each part of the world instead of living in one spot for most of your life. Time to get up and get some change . not everything indeed goes with us when we die, but I like to believe the stories which we make can be carried forward to teach the future that the past wants all that bad, maybe even high. Also, you can sign in to Alibaba and buy exclusive traveling products and accessories at cheap price.

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