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    About Ziva Meditation

    Most parents do not try making their daily meditation routine a family affair, however, kids may benefit greatly from a meditation practice schedule. Doctors have found that kids suffering from ADD, ADHD, and other disorders benefit greatly from daily meditation and relaxation. The serves your kids with the best way to get rid of your stress in the now, from the past, and get clear on your dreams for the future. Ziva Meditation initiates to change your kid's life positively.

    Ziva Meditation is the most powerful and entertaining meditation training available online for your kids. To learn more about Ziva Meditation, check our Ziva Meditation Review below.

    What is Ziva Meditation?

    Ziva Meditation is a leading company that serves ages 4-14 to wire your kid's brain for emotional intelligence and kindness. Their meditation leads your kid towards success. Ziva Meditation offers a 15-day course to teach special techniques of 3M's, i.e. Manifesting, Meditation, and Mindfulness. If you want to make a deal with Ziva Meditation, read our Ziva Meditation Review below to know more about their pricing and plans.

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    Why do you need the Ziva Meditation? 

    • Ziva Meditation is an online company that focuses to improve the mental condition of every second kid around the world at an affordable price.
    • zivaKIDS will help develop the quality of presence, connection, and awareness that your child needs from you.
    • Ziva Meditation also offers you to participate in a 3-day challenge to release stress and create joy in your home. 
    • Deal with Ziva Meditation and enjoy the best customer experience with zivaKIDS. 

    What will be the Ziva Meditation pricing and plans?

    • Family with 1 kidZiva Meditation offers a zivaKIDS gift for one kid that starts from $199.00.
    • Family with 2 kidsZiva Meditation offers a zivaKIDS gift for 2 kids. Pricing for this package includes the price for the first child and an additional amount of $298.00 for the second child which totals $497.00.
    • Family with 3 kidsZiva Meditation offers a zivaKIDS gift for 3 kids. Pricing for this package includes the price for the first and second child and an additional amount of $387.00 for the third child which totals $894.00.
    • For the family with 4+ kids, contact Ziva Meditation to know about the pricing.


    Ziva meditation is available, especially for kids to help them unleash the power inside them. With zivaKIDS, they can become more creative and make better decisions on their own. Ziva Meditation offers you free shipping along with a hassle-free option for returns and refunds. Shop with ZivaMeditation to enjoy stress-free shopping and the best customer experience at a reasonable price.


    Do the Ziva Meditation products Internationally?

    Yes, Ziva Meditation provides its products all over the world. Just add your product according to the kids you have and place your order. You will receive your order confirmation and delivery tracking number by email.   

    Does Ziva Meditation offer a Money Back Guarantee?

    Yes, Ziva Meditation provides a 100% money-back guarantee.

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