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    About Shieldfolio  

    The Shieldfolio Stonebook was designed in 2019. The notebook is composed of crushed stone paper, is completely waterproof, and comes with a hidden ink marker for writing. When building a digital wallet, the book is designe to keep private keys and passwords safe from being lost or forgotten. Moreover, you can earn massive discount when you use Shieldfolio Review to place the order.

    It also includes Shieldcrypt, a manual encryption mechanism for preventing the theft of private keys. The purpose of Shieldfolio Stonebook is to inspire people to adapt to this new world, which will soon become our contemporary money!

    What is Shieldfolio?

    The Stonebook is a safer and more secure way to record your private keys and seed phrases than standard paper. Crushed stone is use to make the pages of Stonebooks. The Stonebook is hence resistant to ripping, oils and chemicals, water damage, and insects that devour paper. Shieldfolio Review Stonebook comes at an affordable price, which can be further reduce to rock bottom rates when you use Shieldfolio Review. The Stonebook is the world's most secure crypto notepad when used with the Ghost Pen. Our 100 percent guarantee policy covers every transaction.

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    Why do you need Shieldfolio?

    • The Ghost pen is the most effective method of concealing your private keys and passwords. 
    • It's a water-resistant invisible ink marker that makes it tough for others to see what you're writing. 
    • It has a built-in UV light that clearly reveals your secret text, ensuring your complete privacy and protection against anyone attempting to steal your crypto.
    • DESIGNED IN AMERICA: Our team in California created the Shieldfolio Stonebook.
    • PUSHING FORWARD CRYPTO ADOPTION: Crypto Hodlers have tried and tested it.
    • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Or we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.
    • Shieldfolio Voucher Code will rule out the possibility of your pocket feeling the pinch while placing the order. 

    Shieldfolio Pricing & Specification

    Stonebook Notebook for Cryptocurrency Private Keys are available at $45.00

    Ghost Pen for Cryptocurrency Private Keys and Passwords comes in the price range of $15. 


    The Stonebook's carbon footprint is lowered in half because to Shieldfolio's innovative stone paper, which requires considerably less energy, water, and bleach than regular and recycled paper. We've worked hard to make the Shieldfolio Notebook as ecologically friendly as possible by using recyclable materials that reduce waste and emissions. STONE PAPER: Stone Paper is a type of paper manufactur from crushed stone rather than wood pulp. This technique is far more environmentally friendly than traditional paper manufacture. WASHABLE AND WATERPROOF: Stone paper is waterproof, grease-resistant, and washable. It has a similar texture to tissue paper. Use Shieldfolio Voucher Code to buy our notebook without burning a hole in your pocket.


    Do Shieldfolio Ship Product Internationally?

    We provide free delivery inside the United States and to a number of other countries. At checkout, verify the delivery fee, since it differs by country. Within 2-3 business days, all orders are process.

    Do Shieldfolio Offer Money Back guarantee?

    Shieldfolio is design to make you please, and our return procedures reflect that. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us within 30 days and we will issue a refund or replacement. We hope it never comes to that, but if it does, we'll make it as easy as possible with free return postage.

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