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    Eryone Review: Introductory Note 

    Shenzhen Eryone Technology Co. Ltd specializes in 3D printer R&D, manufacturing, and domestic and overseas sales. Eryone excels at market development, operations, and marketing across all eCommerce platforms. Eryone prioritizes self-branding, self-research and development, and globalization. It has a robust scientific staff and collaborates on scientific research with numerous prominent Chinese institutions that provide advanced scientific research. Eryone also has a robust supply chain, experience interacting with manufacturers, a solid grasp of the Chinese manufacturing industry, and comprehensive external social resources.

    Eryone Review: Overview 

    You can always get it on Amazon and Eryone's official website if you want any of this. It's not too pricey and provides a high-quality finish to their work. For those who wish for an excellent finish and want it done quickly, Eryone filament is the way to go. Their Eryone filament evaluation is now complete, and we hope you found this helpful page. If you have any other experiences with Eryone filament or issues, please contact their customer care personnel. They are friendly. 

    ERYONE Galaxy PETG Filament Review 

    The perforations were the first thing that grabbed my attention to the spool. This Eryone fiber is finely coiled, and the spool is relatively consistent. Consistency can be define as thickness, color, or smoothness. On one side, you will see how much money you have.

    On the opposite side, they have these tiny holes all around the edge, relatively uniformly distributed. This allows you to find the end of your PLA filament rapidly. You may feed your filament through this little part to keep it neat when not in use.

    There are also a variety of filament colors to choose from. The first and most beautiful colored filament is 3D printed 'glitter purple.' Most significantly, it did not clutter my computer. The downside is that it only comes in 500gm rolls, whereas other spools come in 1-kilogram boxes. Given that you do not intend to use it for everyday printing, I believe 500 gms of sparkling is plenty.

    The second thread is 'blue silk,' a high-quality material. It prints well, looks excellent, and, most importantly, has not caused any print problems.

    Pricing: $27.99

    ERYONE 1.75mm Rainbow TPU 3D Printer FilamentReview 

    After experimenting and reading, I discovered that this filament works best with a hot end calibrated between 195 and 200?C. I usually use a speed of 30 to 40 mm/s and a layer height of 0.12 mm. For vase mode, I increased the layer width to 0.8 mm, which feels more substantial than 0.4 mm, like a sheet of paper. This material is a delight to work with, and the printed outcome is stunning. I had no issues with extrusion and did not change the filament flow on my slicer.

    It is still printed with no extra effort and no loss in print quality. However, the spool I received was from a batch with minor problems in the filament core - tiny dents, bubbles, and somewhat more significant diameter deviations. Several more people also reported the same thing.

    The best part about ERYONE is that they listen and address problems. They also rectified those issues. I can't confirm because I haven't purchased another spool. Still, based on what I've read on discussion groups and ERYONE's official Facebook support page, this appears to be the case. On a side note, if you complain about something on their Facebook page, they nearly instantly contact you and make every effort to resolve the situation. Their customer service is excellent, yet I find their efforts to assist and marketing methods to be a touch pushy at times. 

    Pricing: $22.99

    ERYONE Water Washable 3D Printer Resin Review 

    One of the most notable advantages of eryone water washable resin is that it does not require IPA (isopropyl alcohol) for post-curing while preserving the excellent properties you expect from our standard resins. 

    We feel it is the ideal resin for nearly all users. If you are new to the hobby, you do not need to be concerned about acquiring and safely utilizing IPA. If you are a seasoned user, post-printing costs and time savings will be tremendous.

    Eryone water washable resin was created to be simple to use, have a minimal odor, and retain all of the details in your prints, exactly like our normal resin! We also employed the bottle design that our consumers enjoy.

    Product Features

    Low odor, rapid drying, no moulding deformation, smooth surface, high accuracy

    The final model may be washed with water without ethyl alcohol, and it is not sticky at all.

    The completed product has some toughness and hardness.

    A comparison of the properties of frequently used resins (25?C, 50-60% RH).

    Pricing: $22.99

    Eryone Review: FAQs 

    What are the benefits of ERYONE Star One?

    Star One is equipped with a filament runout sensor, which detects whether your filament has run out during the printing process. The resume printing feature is supported. It also has a different design than the ER-20. Star One, in particular, has a new monicker.

    Why don't PLA-printed things attach to the heated bed? What should I do?

    Check that your heated bed is level and clean. There is too much space between the nozzle and the bed. Then, determine whether the printing and heated bed temperatures are too low and instruct our clients to adjust them to the proper ranges.

    Eryone Review: Final Thought 

    ERYONE PLA filament offers outstanding characteristics. They are perfect for both novice and professional 3D printers. It stands out not just for its high-quality ingredients and expert manufacture but also for its ease of use. The windings are excellent around the spool, with no tangles or knots.

    The printing qualities have also shown to be excellent. There is practically no stringing, and the nozzle never clogs. Another advantage is that print bed adherence is so good with the proper temperature that you don't need to use aids like Blue Tape or similar. Overall, a strong recommendation!

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