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    BionicGym Review - Quick Summary 

    What you like

    • Simply download the App & get desired results by following tips, and tutorials for getting started.
    • To ensure that you get it right, watch the videos. There are a lot of helpful hints to achieve desired results!
    • Join the forums to become more social and learn from others who are succeeding. You can encourage and inspire one another. There's even a group for women only.
    • If you're looking for some inspiration right now, check out the reviews and testimonials page to see what kind of results people are getting with BionicGym.

    What You Dislike

    Oops! They burn a lot of calories.  

    To get detailed analysis of our unique fitness methodologies just browse BionicGym reviews.

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    What makes BionicGym the best?

    Dr. Louis Crowe has spent the last two decades studying the science of neuromuscular stimulation. He has published numerous peer-reviewed studies, received patents, and developed new FDA-approved medical treatments. He's worked with top European universities, led innovation teams, and even worked in a medical device think tank. One of his fun BionicGym experiments was a zero gravity flight with the European Space Agency. Possible to use it at easy levels! Yes, most people begin using it at lower levels of exercise intensity and still see results. You have the option of walking, jogging, or running a marathon. 

    Review on the Best BionicGym Products

    • Acclimating to BionicGym - The first few sessions are simply to familiarise yourself with BionicGym. Use the beginner programmes and gradually increase the intensity during the workout.
    • Intensify the workout - Increase the intensity of each session. It will quickly become more natural and comfortable. 
    • Increased Heart Rate - For 2-3 weeks, use it several times a week.
    • Sweating and Gasping for Air! Some people arrive right away for their first session! Others find that after 2-3 weeks of training, everything falls into place. Their muscles can now work so hard that they become sweaty and out of breath. 

    BionicGym Pricing

    The following is a list of what your BionicGym includes: Control Unit, Charger, Gel Pads, BionicWraps, iOS or Android Controller App, Extensions. The pricing is quite cost effective and we also give you the option to buy now and pay later. You can save a lot when you buy our products in a set of three. It will also help in minimizing your shipping cost. 


    Is BionicGym Worth It?

    Exercise that is extremely convenient: Dr. Louis' mission is to make exercise accessible to everyone. Exercise is essential for our overall health and happiness. Finding ways to encourage people to train and exercise more is critical. Exercise must be something that real people can do in their everyday lives. BionicGym is more than just a workout app for athletes. It's also for people who are pressed for time and want to get back into shape.

    Is BionicGym A Good Brand?

    Some of BionicGym's impossibilities that we have turned into possible include: Burn calories at a rate comparable to vigorous exercise. Raise a person's heart rate to levels that are comparable to vigorous exercise. Boost aerobic fitness by increasing a person's VO2 Max. Provide exercise benefits in a way that is gentle on the joints.

    Final Thought About BionicGym

    Allow it to challenge you. The BionicGym is a ground-breaking invention that burns 500 calories or more per hour. Use it to watch TV, work, play games, or read! - Get the exercise euphoria (endorphin rush) if you do it intensely enough - Slim down and feel energised - It's gentle on your joints. Thousands of customers all over the world rely on us, and we're backed by 18 years of real science and peer-reviewed papers.

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