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    A-Morir Review: Introductory Note 

    Kerin Rose Gold'sA-morir luxury eyewear and accessories collection pioneered the trend of decorated eyewearby blending custom manufacture and premium materials with aesthetic maturity and intelligent design. A-morir has established itself as the go-to brand for bold, couture-worthy eyewear and statement items. What began in 2008 as custom work with Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga has blossomed into a real luxury business, with Vogue Italia describing its pieces as the "preferred eyewear brand of American stars."

    A-morir is constantly exploring and expanding. New spins on old favorites came quickly with the release of products and household goods. Working with corporate and individual clientele, creating a customization studio, and crafting workshops ensued.

    A-Morir Review: Overview 

    A-morir is a fixture in high-end and cutting-edge publications worldwide, with a who's who of loyal repeat customers. Over the years, everyone from present superstars (Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg, Nick Minaj) to pop icons (Grace Jones, Debbie Harry of Blondie) has acquired many pairs of A-morir. The desire items of the brand are made-to-order in limit quantities, providing the utmost uniqueness.

    LENA Review 

    Nothing makes A-Morir happier than being a talented rebel. This timeless beauty was a superb entertainer with boundless skill, and these cat eyes are name after her. This eyewear is hand pave with silk Swarovski Elements crystal and complete with an attractive crystal and pearl trim, making it suitable for sunny and stormy days. The jazz soprano and Brooklyn native Lena Horne were briefly banned in Hollywood during the Red Scare for her left-leaning political views.

    Pricing: $ 360.00

    CURRIE Review  

    Hello, daddy and mum! Meet this a-morir cherry bomb! Named after The Runaways' divisive youthful fantasy and underage blonde bombshell lead vocalist Cherie Currie, this piece flawlessly blends naughty and pleasant for a half gorgeous, half-punk rock piece! This massive frame is adorn with a gunmetal-plated silver Swarovski crystal chain and multi-sized black glossy plastic pearls. Three rows of Swarovski crystal chain are accente with 3" long black tassels join to the sides by a sturdy but delicate metal chain. Both a drama queen and a rock star will love this item.

    Pricing: $ 440.00


    If given a choice between going large or going home, a-morir will always choose big. There is no better frame than AYESHA, an a-morir collector's showcase. There is nothing quite like AYESHA; the hand is adorn in 75 feet of rare black plate crystal and crystal aurora borealis chain, name after one of my favorite individuals, Ayesha King. She loves fashion with abandon and has a heart as vast as her wardrobe. There are only a few left.

    They offer a plastic frame, black plated crystal, and aurora borealis crystal chain UV400 protection lenses Hand embroidered in New York. While it is comfy, this frame is somewhat hefty and comes with elastic bands to keep it fastened to your head like a mask.

    Pricing: $ 1,350.00

    A-Morir Review: FAQs  

    Why buy sunglasses fromA-Morir? 

    Are you fond of sunglasses? The glasses you wear reveal a lot about you and what you do. Before purchasing an eyeglass, you should evaluate all elements of your life. For example, what kind of employment do you perform? What do you do in your spare time while you're not working? What types of activities do you enjoy? Do you have a varied lifestyle that involves a variety of hobbies or interests? In times like this, it might be tough to discover the correct pair of glasses for you or the excellent brand to purchase from. Morir is an eyewear fashion company whose spectacles are said to show elegance and refinement.

    How are their designs unique and appealing? 

    Morir designs are handcraft from Swarovski Elements crystals, neon pearls, metallic aluminum chains, lace, and feathers. They promise to be far superior to the average eyewear brand. Their designs are said to be one-of-a-kind and a must-have for fashion fans.

    How A-Morir care for the planet?  

    Everything they've done has been made to order from their start. They don't manufacture more than they need to to avoid waste. They ship with recycled tissue paper and reuse shipping boxes and supplies regularly. 

    How do they care about the community? 

    They believe in equal rights for everybody. Black lives are essential. Brown people's lives are crucial. Transgender people's lives are vital. Native lives are essential. LGBTQIA+ people's lives are essential. Disabled people's lives are crucial. Immigrant lives are crucial. Homeless people are imperative. Sex work is a serious business. Church and state separation Choice is advantageous. They pay taxes and feel that all corporations, massive firms, should also pay taxes. Housing and health care are fundamental human rights. Respect and dignity should be extend to everyone around you.

    A-Morir Review: Final Thought 

    Kerin Rose Weinberg founded A Morir in 2008. The designer was inspire by her early classical music studies, which she combine with her love of rock and roll to create a dramatic, lavish eyewear line. She considers each pair of spectacles to be a work of art in and of themselves, so they prefer to refer to the company as a premium artisanal eyewear line. Their designs are said to have gain popularity in the fashion industry and are now sought after by celebrities worldwide.

    A Morir collection has been commission by celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, and Katty Perry. It has been worn by Iggy Azalea, Lana Del Ray, and many more.

    The brand's designs have appeared in Vogue magazines all over the world. You may view their collections on the company's website, and their customer support is always available for extra information.

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